You Are Not Alone. You will participate in live, moderated daily day-trading group sessions, gaining knowledge, discipline, in a strong professional environment.

Our Day Academy and Trading Group works together to help traders transition from  student to day trader.

Charting Software and Group Features

Futures trading takes the Superior Tools, Knowledge, and Discipline. Delta Charting provides all three in two hours of moderated trading each trading day!

Superior Tools

Data Streams: We use feeds that set the industry standard for day-trading real-time data streams. That’s why we use it. It’s non-aggregated data, straight from the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), makes for accurate and timely data analysis. Top Notch Charting Software as our technical charting software of choice. Our powerful Charting software is used by Traders around the world.

Superior Knowledge – The Academy
It won’t take long to realize Delta Trading Group, Inc. has a unique trading philosophy. “Go for the Base Hit!”, is our motto. We don’t try to move or chase the market, we simply identify strong trends and then trade with the market, taking advantage of sophisticated mathematical algorithmic methods to maintain consistent interpretation of the data.

As a new member you will have a complete Day Trading Academy that will guide your learning step-by-step. At the same time, you will train with real-time simulated trades to gain the knowledge and confidence you need to be a trader. You will want to build a few weeks of a solid track-record before you risk real money.

Superior Discipline
Experienced traders follow rules. Because of the live moderated sessions each day, you will be constantly reminded of the Delta rules of trading. Its up to you to hold yourself accountable for good trading decisions, but we help by continual training, observation of the market, and live interpretation.

If you think you have what it takes to be a Delta Trader, call one of our representatives and discuss what it takes to get started.