About Dr. Clifford Vance Cast


Dr. Clifford Vance Cast is an inspirational figure in the world of trader education. As the head of Delta Trading Group, he teaches new traders how to trade options. The work that Dr. Cast offers with Delta Trading Group can help anyone to understand the ins and outs of day trading. He holds an extensive amount of experience in handling options and is looking to get the public to learn more about many aspects of trading. Most of all, Dr. Cast works to help people feel confident about how they can trade different investments. He understands that trading is about more than just knowing the ins and outs of certain trading strategies. It is also about having the proper mindset for moving forward with particular trades.

An Early Start

Dr. Cast has been working throughout much of his life to help others. This comes as no surprise in that he has been working hard to create software programs and to educate people over the years. He even started working on database creation tools when he was still in high school.
Much of what he does is inspired by his mother’s work as a librarian. He was fascinated by the work that she did with regards to helping people find information and also with managing data. It was with these points that he learned about the importance of proper analysis and research while being able to organize data in a sensible manner. These principles guided him towards many of his great endeavors as he was growing up.
Cast has worked on many software programs over the years and even created a company named Cast Press. This company was devoted to producing a number of software programs including database-oriented programs. His Scholarship Search program was especially popular as it helped students and parents with finding information on scholarships being offered by schools of all sorts.
He especially got into the financial world after serving in the military for a few years. After his service, Cast worked as a programmer for a few financial service clients. It was here that he first became accustomed to trading.

Working With Investments

Dr. Cast officially got into the world of options trading in the mid-1980s. He earned his Series 6 license from the SEC in 1986. A Series 6 license holder is able to sell a number of securities products including mutual funds, closed-end funds and annuities.
His earliest work in the investment world particularly focused on ensuring that clients can get more out of the many basic funds that they can acquire. But more importantly, he worked to analyze the markets and understand the general sentiment that is felt within many fields. He especially reviewed how the S&P 500 works as a means of studying the concept of market sentiment.
The lessons that he took while working with the S&P 500 helped him to understand what inspires people to feel certain ways with regards to what investments are available. This is crucial as market sentiment can make a real difference but it is especially important to understand how such attitudes can change what makes people think differently about certain points.
This marked his first look into the true psychology that comes with making trades. It is with this and many other points that he works to give people clear ideas of how well they can complete trades in a number of key forms.


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Developing Computer Programs

As Dr. Cast worked with helping people in the investing field in the 1990s, he started to produce new computer programs that could help with understanding options. This included the development of new algorithms that analyze how options change and move about. Much of what he has studied entails a closer look at how market sentiment develops and how it inspires options.
In the early part of the 1990s, Cast worked on producing programs for options trading. He learned about options and how they are traded while getting a closer look at what causes options values to go up and down over time.

Forming Delta

The Delta Trading Group was formed in 2016 as a group dedicated to helping people with understanding options trading efforts. Dr. Cast formed the group with many other like-minded professionals who are interested in handling options.
The group was formed as a means of educating people about how to manage options. This includes looking at the tools needs for trading options and understanding how to analyze particular options.
Dr. Cast especially established the group to pass off the knowledge and analysis he has to people who want to get into the day trading world. He has particularly placed a strong emphasis on clearly understanding different types of trading options that are easy to follow and work with.

Learning About Options

As Cast worked on programs dedicated to options, he learned that there are a number of considerations that have to be used in order to successfully trade options:

1. A proper fundamental analysis is needed. This includes looking at how economic and financial factors are impacting options.
2. A technical analysis is also used with regards to finding patterns and trends in the market. This is to assist in understanding some of the ways how different transactions can work as needed.
3. Public sentiment relates heavily to the general attitudes that people have towards an option.

All three of these points were utilized by Cast when developing algorithms to understand how certain options investments can work. This in turn has helped with getting the most out of different investment plans without being too complicated or frustrating.

Psychological Focus

Dr. Cast understands that in order to succeed in day trading, a proper mindset is required. Dr. Cast holds doctorate in organization and management in IT with a strong focus on psychology. He earned his doctorate from Capella University not long after earning his undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University and his master’s on the physical campuses of the University of Phoenix.

Three Critical Attitudes

There are three very important points that Dr. Cast has put into his work over the years:

1. Patience is a true virtue to follow. Dr. Cast encourages his clients to be fully aware of how well markets can change and to anticipate such changes. This is to keep from getting into an investment at the wrong time.
2. Perseverance is also essential to his work. Dr. Cast argues that day trading isn’t about short-term results but rather about working with a consistent platform and strategy to ensure that the best long-term gains can come about in one’s work.
3. Will power is crucial in that a trader must have the desire and strong interest to pull off trades at the best possible times.

By using these three attitudes, Dr. Cast is able to help his clients with getting more out of the trades that they want to complete. More importantly, people will feel more positive about the trades that they are getting into, thus keeping them from fearing what may happen as they are looking to get more out of their trades.
Dr. Cast argues that positive thinking is important. By using these three key attributes in the world of options trading, it is easier for people to think positive. They will have better chances at making the right investments that they can successfully work with.

A Focus on the End Result

A key part of what makes Dr. Cast’s work strong is that he always concentrates on ensuring that clients can get more out of their investments. This includes ensuring that the end result is the most important point to see no matter what happens.
Dr. Cast works alongside George Soros’ statement of how winning and losing it’s what matters. Rather, it is how much one wins or how much one loses that is important. The key is to ensure that any wins are maximized as well as possible while also keeping any losses from being too intense.
The point is that the risk and rewards should always be reviewed carefully. This is especially to give people a better attitude when investing. Cast particularly feels that people who do not feel positive about the investments that they are trying to get into are often going to fail. This comes as such people will not feel confident or ready to handle the investments that they want to utilize.

A Team Effort

Dr. Cast especially focuses on the strong team effort that comes with getting certain investments to work right. He believes that group efforts are needed to ensure that a team of investors can get the most out of whatever they are interested in.
A group effort works with everything that Delta has to offer. This is to help with getting many solutions for managing different investments. By using several answers for all sorts of tasks, it becomes easier for an investor to be more confident and to get a better idea of the big picture with regards to getting certain investments up and running.

Thinking in Crayon

There is also the general belief that Delta that everything should be simple and easy for all to work with. The concept of “Thinking in Crayon” is taught at Delta to help people understand how important simplification is.
The key part of the concept is to help people with understanding how difficult subjects can be taught in a sensible way. By working with a strong plan for simplification it becomes easier for anyone to get certain investments to work quickly and without being far too complicated. This is a fascinating point about the work of Dr. Cast that makes his efforts are the more valuable.
The general work that Dr. Cast has but into his efforts have helped make a real difference in the trading strategies that many investors have gotten in. It is through a lifetime of work and practice that he has helped to bring the world of options investing to the public. The strong work he puts in through the Delta Trading Group is truly reflective of the strong effort that he has put into his line of work